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    Alternative 1 :

    Payment by bank transfer. As soon as you confirm your booking, we will send you all necessary account information by E-mail for according remittance.

    Alternative 2 :

    Payment (EUR / USD) with PayPal via credit card (MasterCard, Visa). As soon as you accept the rental fee and confirm your reservation, you will receive the payment request by E-mail.

    Credit card requirements :

    • Tenant must be the owner of credit card. The security deposit for the vehicle must be charged on one single credit card. That amount – € 1.400,- – can´t be split between various credit cards even they are from the same owner/tenant.
    • We don´t accept American Express Cards, only VISA and MasterCard.
    • Please note that your credit card must be valid for at least 120 days from the date of lease.
    • Please make sure your credit card has sufficient credit limit for the security deposit for the vehicle (€ 1.400,-). We won´t hand off any camper if that deposit is not covered by credit card or at least in cash !