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  • Fast overview on our Terms & Conditions

    The exclusive subject matter of the contract with ALPACAS ADVENTURE is the hiring of a camper or motorhome. We are under no obligation to provide any travel services, and in particular no package of travel services.

    • The Hirer and any other driver must be at least 25 years old and must have been in possession of a respective national and comparable international driving licence for at least two years. The delivery of the camper requires the presentation by the Hirer and/or driver(s) of the driver’s license and the valid identification card/ passport at the time of taking possession.
    • The minimum rental period is seven days. During high season minimum rental period is fifteen days.
    • Rental rate includes 250 km per day. If you would like to have more mileage available, you can add 100 km- or 250 km packages (as much as you want) against a fee. If you eventually exceed your mileage allowance anyway, you will be charged  € 0,50 for every additional kilometer.
    • For every rental a flat rate service- and cleaning charge of € 80,- will be invoiced.
    • In case of a withdrawal from the binding booking caused by the Hirer, the following cancellation fees shall become due :
      • Until 70 days before the start of rental, 15 % of the rental charge
      • Between 69 to 30 days before the start of rental, 50 % of the rental charge
      • Less than 29 to 4 days before the start of rental, 80 % of the rental charge
      • 3 days befor of rental or in case of failure to receive, 95 % of the rental charge
    • To confirm the booking a deposit of 30% of the rental charge, with a minimum of € 300,- must be paid.
    • Complete rental charge calculated on the basis of the booking details must be received not later than 45 days before the commencement of the hire in an account of the Rental Firm to be notified to the Hirer, free of any charges.The security deposit to an amount of € 1.400,- must be paid to the Rental Firm by means of credit card at the latest when the vehicle is collected for guaranteeing compliance with the contractual obligations (MasterCard or Visa. No American Express Card !). A payment of the deposit with Prepaid Credit Cards or cash is not possible.
    • Vehicles can be collected and returned from Monday to Friday after arrangement. During weekend, collection and return are only possible after prior arrangement and subject to the payment of an additional charge of € 120,- each day in case of. Camper can be handed off and returned in other cities inside Chile against a respective fee. We neither deliver nor accept return of a camper on 01. January and 25. December.
    • The Hirer confirms to have received the vehicle in a flawless technical condition and equipped with the required documentation, the appropriate tools, tyres and accessories and obliges himself to keep it in a good condition. Furthermore, he obliges himself to always comply with the obligations and restrictions set forth in the applicable Road Traffic Regulations. It is absolutely prohibited to smoke inside our vehicles and camper. Pets may only be carried subject to the Rental Firm’s express approval. Cleaning expenses caused by non-compliance with these regulations must be borne by the Hirer.


    • Daily insurance rate is € 25,-. In accordance with the principles of a comprehensive vehicle insurance [Kasko insurance], the Rental Firm will, in case of a damage, fully indemnify the Hirer against liability for material damage, subject to an excess to an amount of € 1.400,- to be borne by the Hirer.
    • If you want to cross to Argentina, you will need special documents to take vehicle out of the country done by a notary against fee . It also requires an additional insurance for Argentina. Please advise us in time, so we can arrange this for you.