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    About Alpacas Adventure

    Alpacas Adventure is located in the capital of Chile : Santiago, modern and lively city, surrounded by trees and flanked by the second highest in the world mountain ranges : the Andes, whose summits are sighted from anywhere in the city, while only a few minutes away we find the vastness of the Pacific Ocean , where its waters give rise to a rich and lively culture and natural beauties !The idea for the company began to take shape many years after his owner, made a series of trips in a camper over the whole country, marveling at their amazing landscapes , with the convenience and freedom of staying in each site for on a time to enjoy the nature around him , thus regaining the necessary energy to keep going, finding routes and landscapes never imagined before .It is for this reason that in 2012 he decided to purchase new cars in order to share your adventure with the world, is today a small company with excellent vehicles , which together with his team of professional and trilingual work ( Spanish , English and German ) make this your best ally to carry out an experience that we are sure will be unmatched.

    !Reserve your space from now, and give yourself the best experience of your life with us !