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    Most of the accidents in Chile happen on well-maintained gravel roads because of excessive speed. Drivers tend to go slower on bad roads and in off-road circumstances. The majority of accidents happen without another vehicle being involved.

    1. Excessive speed is the main cause of accidents on gravel roads. To ensure your safety it is essential to keep a velocity between 60 – 90 km/h. Lack of concentration is the second cause of accidents, due to long driving distances and very little traffic.
    2. Our vehicles have a higher mass centre due to the mounted hardwall camper, this implies a higher RISK OF TIPPING OVER. Be careful with your steer movements !
    3. Road signs must be observed, especially those relating to the curves . Speed must be reduced immediately.
    4. Turn on your headlights when on dusty roads, so others can perceive you in time.
    5. Slow down when you have oncoming traffic and keep to the right as far as possible.
    6. Tyre pressure plays an important role in the road-holding ability of your vehicle. Stick to the recommended pressures at all times. Check your tyres and tyre pressure every day.
    7. Avoid driving at night, since you might be seen too late by poor visibility at night.
    8. When it rains and the dirt roads are wet, they are particularly slippery. Avoid driving through standing or flowing water on the track.
    9. Please drive constantly alert and immediately slow velocity down when you see animals.
    10. It’s important to always keep both hands on the steering wheel while driving.
    11. Not all gravel roads are the same ! Pay attention to road conditions and adjust your driving style to circumstances.

    Please do not drive with your left foot on the clutch ! DO NOT use the clutch when driving off-road and especially when you are stuck . If you do, you will inevitably burn the clutch !